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Indigenous Voice
Indigenous Voice17 Jan 2015, Saturday

"Now, no situation to organize even a peaceful assembly in Nepal"


The general public from all the walks have criticized the police arrest to the Indigenous leaders during the peaceful assembly organized by Indigenous Peoples National Movement-Nepal (IPsNMN) in Kathmandu.

On Friday, police had arrested some 3-dozen indigenous leaders including Malla K Sundar and about 10 were injured in the clash during the peaceful assembly organized by IPsNMN at Santibatika, Kathmandu.

Indigenous peoples have been taking to the street under the leadership of human rights activist Padma Ratna Tuladhar to press government to ensure indigenous Peoples identity and rights in the new constitution. The Friday's peaceful assembly was one of the slated program organized by indigenous peoples. 

This is the first incident whereby the police authority had nabbed the peaceful assembly organized by general public.

Former General Secretary of Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN), Balkrishna Mabuhang said that it was government's plan to nab over the peaceful assembly of indigenous peoples. Doing this the aggressive force wanted to entice to communal violence. 

The general public from within and outside of the country has started posing question to government 'can't anyone organize even a peaceful assembly now?