The name Indigenous Voice is in itself self-explanatory. True to its name, Indigenous Voice strives to be the voice of voiceless indigenous peoples not only in Nepal but all over the world.

We want to develop Indigenous Voice as a sort of one-stop shop where you can get all information about Indigenous Peoples – from their activities to concerns. This web portal offers informative and analytical articles, commentaries, reportages and interviews about socio-economic and political rights, concerns and issues of Indigenous Peoples.  

Indigenous Voice will also archive documentaries, videos and audios about Indigenous Peoples besides providing space for in-depth analysis and commentaries written by indigenous rights experts and published in books and journals. In short, it will be a complete web portal about Nepal's Indigenous Peoples in particular and the world's indigenous peoples in general.

Indigenous Voice is of the Indigenous Peoples, by the Indigenous Journalists and for the Indigenous Communities.

Indigenous Voice is all about what we think, talk or say. It is our calling and crusade. It is also an attempt to raise the voice of the voiceless Indigenous Peoples. We believe Indigenous Voice can be a forum where aspirations, ideas and experiences of Indigenous Peoples can be shared. Indigenous Peoples are the custodians of myriad cultures, languages, spiritual practices, indigenous knowledge and biological diversity. And we value all their precious qualities and characteristics. 

Indigenous Voice team firmly believes in the power of media and communication to enable Indigenous Peoples to uphold human rights, safeguard their unique practices, transfer their indigenous knowledge and skills to younger generations, promote cultural and linguistic diversity and peaceful existence as well as protect biological diversity and achieve ecological sustainability. is a medium to engage Nepal's Indigenous Peoples in meaningful dialogues, debates and discussions while facilitating the exchange of information and ideas as well as transforming their lives through information and knowledge.

Our Belief

We believe could be a bridge between indigenous communities from around the world by providing concise and unbiased news and views. We promise to provide in-depth reporting and expert commentaries on socio-economic, politics, environment, art and culture of indigenous peoples and be the vast resources of their issues and concerns.

Our Understanding

Our understanding is that this online portal will be one of the most influential platforms for exchange of information about Indigenous Peoples across world.

Our Team

We have a vibrant and dynamic team of skilled, experienced and professional journalists belonging to various indigenous communities of Nepal. Our team members have worked on the issues of indigenous communities for different national and international media outlets. We would hereby express our commitment to providing factual news, bold yet balanced views, in-depth analysis and thought-provoking as well as hard-hitting commentaries about Indigenous Peoples' concerns and issues. We shall fear nothing and will always be guided by our conscience.