Tamu-Lhosar concludes

Indigenous Voice
Indigenous Voice04 Jan 2015, Sunday
Tamu-Lhosar concludes

Three-day long Tamu-Lhosar festival observed in Tundikhel in Kathmandu that saw thousands of Gurung communities concluded on Wednesday.
Tamu-Gurung indigenous peoples observed this year's Tamu-Lhosar demanding 'new constitution that ensures 'Tamuwan' province'. Tamu-Gurung observed this years' festival bidding goodbye to 'horse year and welcoming to Sheep-year.

Tamu-Gurung Indigenous communities observe this festival according to the Tibetan calendar that represents different animals.
Tamu-Lhosar in Kathmandu saw the presence of political leaders, indigenous activists, indigenous peoples organizations thousands of Gurung community members coming from different parts of the country. 

Speaking at the inauguration of festival, Prime Minister Shusil Koirala, said, 'new constitution at any cost shall ensure the rights of century's long discriminated Gurung community, and urged community to support in bringing the inclusive constitution.

Indigenous Activist, Padma Ratna Tuladhar urged Gurung indigenous community members to stand together for Tamuwan province.

Tamu-Gurung indigenous communities have been observing Tamu-Lhosar every year Dec. 30. Giving the recognition to the festival, the government has declared public holiday on this occasion since 1990.