Sunuwar Welfare Society submits feedback on draft constitution

Indigenous Voice
Indigenous Voice22 Jul 2015, Wednesday


Sunuwar Welfare Society (SWS) submitted its feedback on the draft constitution on Tuesday. SWS is an  umbrella organization of Koits-Sunuwar indigenous community across Nepal.

SWS had furnished the feedback on behalf of Koits-Sunuwar after series of discussion on draft constitution among advisors, students and youth wings, its district chapters and village level committee members, according to the Mana Prasad Sunuwar, Chairperson of SWS.

SWS in its feedback demanded to ensure 'federalism with indigenous peoples' right to self-determination, including secularism, inclusion of the rights as per the agreements made between indigenous peoples and government at different occasions, the issues of inclusion and equal participation of indigenous peoples and other minority groups in all level of decision making process.

Similarly, SWS also gave feedback to include all mother tongues to be national language of the country and use as official language of different mother tongue at different governmental official as per the recommendation made by the language commission formed as recommended by the draft constitution.

In its feedback, SWS also called to include indigenous peoples' Right to Self-determination, Free Prior and Informed Consent, prerogative right to land, water and natural resources under 'Fundamental Rights section. Likewise, it has also called to include right to autonomy and self-rule, guarantee right to participation of indigenous peoples in all forms of decision making level affecting them, in proportionate to their population and so forth.