Pro-identity youth force forms for ensuring identity based federalism

Indigenous Voice
Indigenous Voice27 Feb 2015, Friday
Pro-identity youth force forms for ensuring identity based federalism



With the aim to ensure identity based federalism so as to caution regressive political parties and government in this regard, pro-identity youth force has been formed in Kathmandu.

30-political party alliance which includes UCPN-Maoist and Indigenous Peoples National Movement-Nepal together had formed pro-identity youth force in order to create a pressure for ensuring identity based federalism.

Unveiling the manifesto in Kathmandu, the leader of Socialist Democratic Party, Psang Sherpa said, 'pro-identity youth force across the country will put turban around the head and stick written slogan of identity on hand, until the guarantee of identity based federalism.

According to Indigenous Peoples rights activist, the formation of pro-identity youth force is a preparation for war if it is necessary for ensuring of identity based federalism.

There was overwhelming participation of youth who were in favor of 'identity' in the program. Addressing to the program, the leaders said that they would form the 'pro-identity youth force not merely in Kathmandu but across the country and give them massive orientation, who will not only create a pressure but are ready to conduct even a violent conflict to guarantee the identity based federalism.

Identity based federalism has been one of the major demands of indigenous peoples in Nepal, while restructuring of the state. According to them, this demand is the aspiration of Interim Constitution 2007, as well as the consensus that first Constituent Assembly reached to apply 'Identity as a major basis while restructuring of the country.