NEFIN demands incorporation of its feedback in new constitution

Indigenous Voice
Indigenous Voice23 Jul 2015, Thursday
NEFIN demands incorporation of its feedback in new constitution

Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities (NEFIN) an umbrella organization of Indigenous Peoples' Organization across Nepal organized mass meeting on Thursday in Kathmandu, demanding to incorporation of feedbacks in new constitution submitted by NEFIN, its chapters and Indigenous Peoples organizations in new constitution.

Addressing the mass meeting, Constituent Assembly (CA) member and Chairperson of NEFIN, Nagendra Kumal said that they would be compelled to organize stringent movement, if in case the new constitution does not ensure any rights as per the feedbacks they submitted for incorporate on the draft constitution.

He further said, indigenous peoples have long been demanding among others to ensure equal and inclusive participation of indigenous peoples in decision making level in proportionate to their population, secularism, federalism on the based on identity, right to self-determination, free-prior and informed consent.

Speaking at the mass meeting, CA member and general secretary of NEFIN, Pemba Bhote, indigenous leader Parshuram Tamang and others urged that indigenous peoples would like to see the new constitution guaranteeing of their rights, as per the agreements reached between government and indigenous peoples at different times, and the international legal instrument that Nepal government has been party to. They also said they would continue their movement until and unless the constitution guarantees the rights and demands of indigenous peoples.