International Crisis Group warns possible violence in Nepal

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Indigenous Voice03 Sep 2015, Thursday
International Crisis Group warns possible violence in Nepal

The International Crisis Group on Wednesday issued an alert for Nepal, warning possible violence in Madhesh, the southern plain land in Nepal.
In the statement issued by International Crisis Groups on its webpage, has urged government to act urgently to reduce the risk of more violence in Madhes.

Further warning, the statement says, 'if it is mishandled then the violence would grow.

“An enormous trust deficit between agitating groups and Kathmandu’s political leadership would worsen if the government and major parties persist with a heavily securitised response to fundamentally political protests, and if they and the media portray the protests as marginal or criminal,” reads the statement.

International Crisis Groups for possible violence in Madhesh, the southern plain land in Nepal.

It also suggests that the government should urgently form an independent commission to investigate the recent killings.

Here are excerpts of the statement: 

The anger in the Tarai and among various social groups is real. If it is ignored or mishandled, the violence will grow. If the new constitution is truly to be one for all Nepalis rather than a starting gun for new forms of conflict, its framers must recognise that getting it done right is more important than getting it done fast.

It is unlikely the discontent can be resolved by a deal between power-brokers in Kathmandu that does not address core issues. While some district-level political leaders and parties that represent Tharu and Madhesi groups in the Constituent Assembly have been involved in the protests or support them, the mobilisation and leadership comes largely from within local communities. Many of the protests do not involve huge numbers, but rely instead on better organisation and target the shutdown of specific infrastructure, such as government offices and stretches of the national East-West highway.

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