Indigenous Peoples take identity rally in Kathmandu

Indigenous Voice
Indigenous Voice06 Mar 2015, Friday

Indigenous Peoples led by Indigenous Peoples National Movement-Nepal (IPsNMN) on Friday organized an 'identity rally' in Kathmandu demanding to ensure identity based federalism, autonomy and inclusive representation in the decision making level.

IPsNMN undertook mass demonstration under its third phase of protest program across ring road in capital city Kathmandu apressing for identity based federalism in the new constitution.

According to officials of IPsNMN, the Friday's protest program was a symbolic one. It has planned to organize mass demonstration across the country.
Vice-chairperson of Limbuwan Party Nepal, Khagendra Makhim said that they had organized identity rally in Kathmandu in order to clear the misconception about the identity. 

Newa: Province had let to undertake identity rally from Saatdobato to Koteswore, while Kirat Province undertook from Koteswore to Gausala, Tharuhat province took from Gausala to Chabahil, Sherpa Province had taken from Chabahil to Maharajgunj. Similarly, Tamsaling province led to undertake rally from Maharajgunj to Balaju, Balaju to Soyambhu rally was led by Tamuwan, Magarat province had taken from Balkhu to Satdobato. Limbuwan provinces and other protected and autonomous region had mingled with the respective team.

Talking to the Indigenous Voice team, spokesperson of IPsNMN, Prof. Dr. Om Gurung said that the identity rally was organized symbolically to warn those who are opponent of identity.

A large group of Indigenous Peoples were out to the street with their traditional dress, lurching flags inscribed with different slogans. Padma Ratna Tuladhar led IPsNMN already organized occupy Baneswor and March pass and various other protest program to press government to ensure indigenous peoples rights in the new Constitution.