Indigenous Peoples ontinue 'Occupy Baneswor' on second day

Indigenous Voice
Indigenous Voice07 Jan 2015, Wednesday

Indigenous Peoples continue their movement named 'occupy Baneswor' on Wednesday as well. They have been staging demonstration in front of Constituent Assembly (CA) building at Baneswor, making demands to ensure their rights in new constitution. 

Addressing the demonstration, the spokesperson of Indigenous Peoples National Movement, Nepal, Dr. Om Gurung, said that the new constitution should ensure proportionate representation in each organ of government on the basis of their population, restructure the country on the basis of identity and so forth.  

Similarly, addressing to Mass, Dev Gurung said, the leaders of so called major political parties are plotting to make administrative federalism to keep continue the hegemony of those who were for longer years.  

On second day, indigenous peoples performed various performances depicting the distinct identity of indigenous communities.