Indigenous Peoples launch 'occupy-Baneswor' movement

Indigenous Voice
Indigenous Voice06 Jan 2015, Tuesday

Nepal Indigenous Peoples' National Movement-Nepal (NIPsNMN), led by veteran indigenous activist—Padma Ratna Tuladhar, Indigenous Peoples on Tuesday staged demonstrations in front of Constituent Assembly (CA) building at Baneswor, Kathmandu.

They named this continuous staged program as 'Occupy Baneswor' to put pressure on the political parties to restructure country based on ethnic-identity, proportionate representation of their communities in each state organ and so on in the new constitution.

They also said that the state has undermined the ethnic population that accounts for 37 percent of the total population bearing their own historical place of living, language, culture and identity. They expressed their anger over nation’s discriminatory policy against the indigenous peoples.

This is the second phase of national level protest program organized by NIPsNMN. They altogether made nine-points demands which also include institutionalization of secularism and proportional electoral system, among other issues.

In the demonstration Indigenous Peoples leaders, sister wings of political parties, indigenous peoples organizations, youth organization took part. The demonstration will continue until January 8.