CA end first year tenure without a Constitution

Indigenous Voice
Indigenous Voice22 Jan 2015, Thursday
CA end first year tenure without a Constitution

Constituent Assembly (CA) on Thursday ended its first year tenure without unveiling the drafts Constitution, as committed by the major political parties that they would bring constitution by January 22, 2014.

CA Chair Subash Chandra Nembang put off the meeting for Friday after the pro-identity parliamentarian's regular protest throughout the day.

Talking to the media, Chairman of UCPN-Maoist, Puspa Kamal Dahal apologized for not being able to bring a new constitution in the slated deadline, as promised initially.

He also said that UCPN-Maoist had to obstruct the CA meeting to write a progressive constitution, addressing the rights of majority of population and fulfilling the past promises and agreements made with the indigenous peoples, dalit, Madhesi, women and Muslims.

He further said that UCPN-Maoist is proud of stopping ruling political parties to dismiss the plans of unveiling the constitution without the addressing the rights of majority population of the country.

Saying that UCPN-Maoist including Madhesi parties tried to forge consensus on the contagious issues till the last minute, Dahal said that they are open for the dialogue and discussion and reach to the consensus and addressing the rights of indigenous peoples, dalit, Madhesi, Muslim, women and other minority groups, who have hoped that this constitution address their rights.

Similarly, senior leader of CPN-UML KP Sharma Oli blamed UCPN-Maoist and Madhesi parties for the failure of CA for not bringing new constitution as promised at the beginning.

Saying that CPN-UML wants a democratic constitution that addressing of all Nepalese peoples, Sharma said NC and CPN-UML tried to convince UCPN-Maoist and Madhesi party to forge consensus on disputing issues namely federalism, executive power sharing, electoral system and judiciary within a month period, but opponents did not have such a will.

He also promised that this CA will bring constitution at any cost as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala planned to address to the nation on Thursday evening as the CA was certain to miss the deadline for promulgation of new constitution, but did not do so.