Agitators declare 'Tharuhat Autonomous Region'

Indigenous Voice
Indigenous Voice21 Aug 2015, Friday
Agitators declare 'Tharuhat Autonomous Region'

The agitators declared themselves 'Tharuhat Autonomous Region' to over 9-districts starting from Chitwan to Kanchanpur district and started smearing the name everywhere. The agitators did so stating that their demands have been ignored by the government.

They had been taking stringent protest for last 10-days demanding to declare the region as 'Tharuhat Autonomous Region'.

The agitators also declared Kohalpur in Banke district to be a capital city of Tharuhat Autonomous region and they smeared the name all over the government as well as private office walls and streets.

Constituent Assembly (CA) members from Tharu Indigenous Communities in the CA have been pressing to declare to be Tharuhat Autonomous region.