Historic MoU Signed to Develop and Promote Tamang Language Learning App in Nepal

Chomolungma Tamang
Chomolungma Tamang28 Jan 2024, Sunday
Historic MoU Signed to Develop and Promote Tamang Language Learning App in Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal – January 26, 2024: In a significant stride towards cultural preservation and language education, the Institute for Socio-Cultural Research and Analysis (SCRAnalysis) and Nepal Tamang Ghedung have signed an MoU to own and promote the pioneering mobile application designed and developed to facilitate the learning and teaching of the Tamang language. This innovative app will enable people with knowledge of Nepali and English language to learn the Tamang language. The app incorporates different scripts, marking a historic moment in the efforts to preserve and promote the Tamang language.


The agreement, encompassing eight crucial points, was formally signed at the Nepal TamangGhedung office in Chuchepati, Kathmandu. The MoU was signed by Nabraj Lama, Founder President and Coordinator of the Institute for Socio-Cultural Research and Analysis, and Jagatman Lama Dong, General Secretary of Nepal TamangGhedung in the gracious presence of Mohan Gole, President of Nepal TamangGhedung; Senior Vice President Kumar Singh Ghising; and other esteemed members of the Institute such as JhalkamanTamang, Advisor Kumar Yatru, and Program Member Bhim Bahadur Tamang.


Mohan Gole, President of Nepal TamangGhedung, expressed profound satisfaction with the progress, stating, "Although we had envisioned creating such an app long ago, it remained unrealized until now. We are thrilled to see that the Institute for Socio-Cultural Research and Analysis has already completed 60% of the app's development and is on track to launch it for public use within 2024." He also affirmed Ghedung's commitment to provide unwavering support for this historic initiative.


The application aims to address the growing concern of language preservation amidst globalization. The Tamang language, an integral part of Nepal's rich cultural tapestry, has faced challenges in its transmission to younger generations, largely influenced by the dominance of more widely spoken languages like English, Chinese, and French. This app represents a crucial step in counteracting this trend, offering an accessible and modern approach to language learning.


The collaboration between these two institutions is a testament to the power of joint efforts in cultural preservation. The Institute for Socio-Cultural Research and Analysis, renowned for its dedication to socio-cultural research, brings its expertise in educational methodologies and technological integration, while Nepal TamangGhedung, as the central institution of the Tamang community, provides invaluable insights into the linguistic and cultural nuances of the Tamang language.


Nabraj Lama, the founder of the Institute, expressed his gratitude towards Nepal TamangGhedung for their support. He emphasized the significance of this project, not just for the Tamang community but for the broader objectives of cultural diversity and linguistic heritage preservation. General Secretary Jagatman Dong also lauded this initiative as highly commendable and extended his best wishes for its successful implementation.


As this app progresses towards completion, it stands as a beacon of hope for minority language communities. It not only provides a practical solution for language learning but also serves as an important tool in preserving the cultural identity and heritage of the Tamang people. The anticipated launch of this app in 2024 is set to mark a new era to preserve, promote, and develop the Tamang language.