A profile of Kirati-Kõits
  • Author: Indigenous Voice
  • Publisher: Nepal Foundation for Development of Indigenous Nationalities (NFDIN)
  • Language: Nepali

This is the profile book written about Kõits (Sunuwar) indigenous communities who fall under Kirat religious groups. They are one of the 59 indigenous peoples listed under the Nepal government’s NFDIN schedule, who inhabit the eastern part of Nepal, alongside the Liku (Likhu), Ngãku (Sunkoshi), Subuku (Tamakoshi) Rivers and their other branches Khimku (Khimti), Yolung, Molung, and Solung. Its source – in the Rolwaling Himalayan range – flows to the south, mostly in Ramechhap, Okhaldhunga, Sindhuli and Dolakha districts.  

Author's Publications

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