Who is Tajpuriya?

Tajpuriya is an indigenous peoples settling in the southern plain land of Tarai primarily in Jhapa and Morang districts, the eastern part of Nepal.  There are said to be Tajpuriya in Bihar, Bangal, Sikkim, Darjeeling and various other parts in India. They have their own distinct language, culture, customs, lifestyles, rituals and language. They are animists and nature worshippers. They worship to Gram Puja and worship to their ancestors in a group or within their family members. These worships are compulsorily performed even during marriage or any other ritual ceremonies.   Tajpuriya women do not pierce their nose and do not wear any ornaments on their nose. According to latest national Census 2011, the population of Tajpuriya is 18,811.


Tajpuriya have their own mother tongue which is known as Tajpuriya language, which belongs to Indo-Aryan language family. They have no script. According to latest national Census 2011, of their total population 18,811, only about 9,095 Tajpuriya speak their mother tongue.