Who are Kisan?

Kisan is one of the 59 indigenous Peoples listed under Nepal government’s NFDIN schedule. Kisan is one of the endangered indigenous communities in Nepal, found only in two-VDCs of Jhapa district. According the latest Census-2011, their population puts 1,739. Kisan are known by various other names such as Kuda, Kora, Mirdha, Kola, Morbha, Birhor, and Nagesia. They are animist and nature worshippers.

Linguistic history

Kisan indigenous communities have their own mother tongue called ‘Kisan language’ which falls under the Dravidian language family, has no script. According to recent census-2011, Kisan language is spoken by 1,178 members of their population. This language is marginally spoken in Jhapa district in the eastern Nepal. Besides Nepal, Kisan Language is spoken in India and Bhutan as well. The government run newspaper Gorkhapatra has provided a page on every 15-day to publish news and views of Kisan community in Kisan language.

Kisan language speaking countries:-

Besides, Nepal, Kisan Language is also spoken in India and Bhutan.